Sports massage therapy is an excellent option for all active athletes. Sports massage therapy focuses on your individual needs and physique. When you receive sports massage therapy treatment, your therapist will focus on the muscle groups that receive the brunt of stress while you’re in action. The benefits of sports massage therapy are numerous:

Heal Scarred Muscle Tissue

Over time, athletic activities can wear on our muscles. In fact, untreated injuries can cause muscle scarring. Fortunately, sports massage therapy can revive scarred muscle tissue. Since massage therapy opens up your vascular system (your veins), it can aid muscle tissue in recovering. Moreover, any dead tissue can be flushed out of your body and rebuilt – thus healing the scarred tissue.

Increase Your Flexibility

Massaging a muscle compresses and stretches that tissue. When you receive sports massage therapy, your therapist stretches the muscles you use in your athletic pursuits. You’ll notice a subtle increase in your muscle flexibility, and you’ll feel loose out there on the field.

Heal Injured Tissue Faster

Temporarily injured tissue will heal faster after a massage therapy session. When you rub injured tissue, your muscles release pent up lactic acid. Lactic acid causes muscle pain and tension. And again, massage therapy increases vascular flow – so your muscles will receive more nutrients and oxygen that they need to recover quickly.

Increase Performance

With better vascular flow comes improved muscle function. You’ll have stronger muscles which can mean better performance when it counts!

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