Prenatal massage simply feels great. Kristen strives to provide the most comforting, pain-reducing prenatal massage through technique and experience. Pregnancy can be painful and uncomfortable most of the time, and relief can aid a body in staying healthful throughout the passing trimesters. But the benefits of prenatal massage extend beyond comfort. Here are some further benefits that you may experience when you receive a prenatal or pregnancy massage:

Eradicate Headaches, Tension, Cramps, & Aches

Pregnancy is often accompanied by a slew of pains. Headaches, tension, and cramps can all wreak havoc on a body. A prenatal massage can relieve, if not completely eradicate, these pains – which can give you peace of mind as you approach the end of your pregnancy term!

Sleep Better

Studies show that massage can aid us in attaining sleep. Moreover, those who utilize massage attain longer, deeper sleep. Deep sleep is essential for anybody, and it can be especially useful to soon-to-be mothers!

Keep Your Spine Happy

Extra weight can be a drag. Throughout your pregnancy, your spine will likely suffer from all of your bodily changes. Carrying a baby puts weight where it isn’t normally – at the front of your body. With off-centered weight comes more spinal strain and complication. Massage can relieve these pains and spinal problems.

Stay Healthy

Massage aids body health. Massage improves circulation, which can aid your body in balancing its hormones. Pregnancy is an especially potent time for hormone imbalance, which can leave your body inflamed, achey, or even sick. Stay healthy. Opt for prenatal massage!

Kristen will work with you to find the right position and techniques for your current state in your pregnancy term. Call today to book an appointment!