Deep tissue massage is a massage therapy technique that targets muscles deep beneath the skin. The therapist uses extra pressure to ensure that deeper muscle tissue is rubbed and compressed. The amount of pressure used by the therapist can be varied to suit the client and the muscle at hand. Deep tissue massage is one of the most popular massage techniques, and its benefits are numerous:

Melt Away Stress

All massage therapy techniques aid in reducing one’s stress. Deep tissue massage is the same, and this therapy technique is a favorite massage therapy technique. Since massage therapy increases your body’s natural production of serotonin, you’ll also note a boost in your happiness and overall mood.

Heal Scar Tissue

Deep tissue massage can break up scar tissue within a muscle structure. Injured muscle tissue may not heal itself, requiring therapy techniques including deep tissue massage. Deep tissue therapy improves your lymphatic circulation and the drainage of dead or damaged tissue. If you currently experience stiffness or pain in your muscles and joints, you may have scarred muscle tissue, and you may benefit from deep tissue massage.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Studies show that massage therapy can aid one in lowering their blood pressure. Deep tissue massage is an effective blood pressure regulating therapy.

Reduce Muscle Pain & Soreness

If you have sore, achy muscles, you can benefit from deep tissue massage. This massage therapy technique aids muscles in speedy recovery after damage from activities or stress.

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