Welcome to our blog! We’ll be talking about the world of massage therapy, including tips for optimum health, facts and figures surrounding massage, history, and news! So stay posted to stay informed about massage therapy and whole-body health.

To kick off our blog, we’ll be talking about the overall benefits of massage and how massage therapy can aid your body health.

Adhesion Breaking

Adhesion occurs when muscle layers adhere to each other. A properly functioning muscle should have layers that are free of adhesion – since this allows for better mobility and circulation. Massage, especially deep tissue massage, can break muscle adhesion. Adhesion can be caused by metabolic stresses or stagnation.

Flushing the System of Metabolic Waste

As we use our muscles they naturally produce metabolic waste. Massage therapy – and, again, especially deep tissue massage – can aid the body in naturally disposing of metabolic waste. Our lymph system can remove metabolic waste buildup throughout the body, and massage therapy aids fluid flow throughout the lymph system.

Increased Blood Flow

Massage therapy can increase the body’s natural blood flow. Through vasodilation, and an increase in venous return, blood flow throughout the muscle tissue and the rest of the body can improve. Better blood flow and circulation can lead to better whole-body health since our blood is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to our cells.

Neural Improvement

If you’re suffering from stress, anxiety, poor sleep, aches, or depression, massage therapy may be an aid. Massage therapy stimulates hormone production which can mitigate the aforementioned neural problems.