In an acupressure therapy treatment, your massage therapist will apply pressure to key pressure points and meridians across your body. These pressure points are an integral part of healthful whole-body functioning; and acupressure can aid your body in performing and feeling better. For this reason, acupressure therapy is a popular massage therapy technique. But its benefits don’t stop there:

Relieve Pent Up Tension & Stress

Acupressure, like other massage therapy techniques, relieves your muscles of pent up tension and stress. Acupressure targets specific pressure points along the length of your body that are prone to retain unnecessary tension and stress. You’ll leave an acupressure session feeling loose, relaxed, and relieved.

Reduce Muscle Soreness & Pain

If you suffer from muscle and joint soreness, you can seek relief through acupressure therapy. Acupressure therapy opens up your vascular system (your veins) allowing for better blood flow. Increased blood flow aids your cells in receiving the nutrients they need to repair themselves.

Improve Your Circulation

Again, acupressure therapy opens up the vascular system. When you increase your circulation, your whole body benefits from better performance. You’ll notice an improvement in your mood and the overall feel of your body. Acupressure is so effective in this way, you’re body will have better hormone flow and balance. Hormone balance can aid your body in staying healthy, and it can even improve hair growth and skin health! The benefits of acupressure are vast!

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